Kensington Retirement Village


Christmas at K.R.V

10 January 2020

Christmas was celebrated at our December dinner, with much merriment, wonderful food, fun & friendship. Santa & Mrs Claus were in good form, as were our singing group & line dancers. 

We danced the night away & a great festive time was had by all.

K.R.V Gardens

04 December 2019

The roses are bursting with colour at K.R.V.

The garden club were busy throughout the year & the new garden has given us so much pleasure to watch   it grow & bloom.

Congratulations to our garden club on this beautiful display of weeping rose.

Cup Day

29 November 2019

Twenty six residents and guests gathered for a ‘picnic’ lunch prior to the KRV tab opening for business!  Many thanks to our excellent bookies Dot and Geoff,  they ran a couple of sweeps on each race, including the Cup, although we only had one trophy!

Thanks to all for a fun day, and special thanks to Joy for the yummy hot scones, proving it is possible to bake and have a bet at the same time!

Mid Winter Dinner

07 August 2019

Residents  and guests braved the winter chill to dine & dance at our winter solstice evening. There was  much talking and laugher , maybe encouraged a little bit by some home brewed mulled wine for those who were keen to try it! Our caterers were spot on, as always serving a piping hot, freshly cooked and very generous roast and the desserts were extra yummy. The raffles were well supported, with many happy winners.  

Sing for Joy

07 August 2019

Anyone who loves to sing will probably tell you how good it makes them feel. It’s no secret that singing reduces stress, improves your mood, and generally brings more fun into your day. There are many different physical, emotional, social, and psychological benefits associated with singing. Our singing group meet on Monday at  2.30pm & is conducted by our lovely Marion on keyboard. Singing is so good for the soul.