Kensington Retirement Village


Some of K.R.V Activities

02 November 2018

Sing A Long  

Sing-along, also called community singing or group singing, is an event of singing together at gatherings , less formal than choir singing. One can use a songbook. 

 Come & join our group on Mondays at 2.30pm for a relaxing & fun time. Singing is uplifting, so good for the heart & soul . 

 We thank  Marion for the time  &  effort , gathering & compiling the song books . Marion also plays the piano to make it an enjoyable experience for all. 


Happy Hour  

This is held every Friday at 4pm . The weather is improving & the nights are getting longer, yeah for daylight savings. And aren't we all happier when we're spending time with friends? It is well known that laughter and friendship contributing to longevity. Laughter is actually good for your immune system, so they say. ENJOY 

Christmas in July

15 August 2018

We enjoyed the company of Residents, Management, & many guests totalling 76 to dinner. Santa & Mary Christmas paid an early visit to help with the raffle, and Vince kept our toes tapping and many singing along too.

Our meal was most enjoyable capped off with hearty Christmas Pudding and all the trimmings. We hope you all enjoyed our Australian theme as a lovely change, with the decorations coming from around the village gardens.

Thank you all for being part of another happy evening at KRV.


18 July 2018

It takes concentration - which improves listening and short term memory skills and it promotes socialization - which is essential for us all to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. So for those who like to play bingo, it can be an excellent way to promote mental, emotional, and physical health.

Bingo is played on the 2nd & 4th Friday of every month, so come along & enjoy this activity. 

We send a big thank you to Trevor, Alison & Eileen who organize, set up & provide our prizes. You're the best, take a bow.

Line Dancing

06 July 2018

This fun activity is held every Friday at 1pm –2pm  & beginners are most welcome It also helps to increase muscle tone and coordination, lower the risk of coronary heart disease, improve cholesterol level, strengthens bones, reduce blood pressure, keeps you mentally fit and help you manage your weight. 

The exercise not only helps the dancers to keep fit and healthy but also learn to master a dance and build friendship.

Movie Night

25 May 2018

We give a big thank you to the team who put our Wednesday Movie night together. They select  a variety of movies including some great classics and organise special  occasion nights to include dinner & a movie ( Gold Class) for your enjoyment.

It  is a bit harder to venture out during the colder nights, but there is always that hot cuppa & snacks to keep you warm. Take a bow team.