Kensington Retirement Village


Why should I choose to move into Kensington Retirement Village?

Kensington Retirement Village is a place where you can feel safe and secure and where comfort, a sense of place and belonging are paramount. It is a place where you can gain friendship and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice, by either joining in activities or retreating to the privacy of your own unit.

Who is eligible to move into Kensington retirement Village?

Any eligible resident over the age of 55 who:

  • Is interested in maintaining their sense of independence but want to downsize to a secure home
  • Want to surround themselves with a sense of community beyond the privacy of their own home
  • Is approved by the management company and agrees to enter into the lease agreement.

The only restriction is that residents are not permitted to conduct a business from their unit.

Can I bring my pet?

Residents may request to bring an existing small pet with the approval of Kensington Retirement Village management.

Can I have family and friends to visit?

Of course! We encourage you to surround yourself with those people who are important to you – friends, relatives and of course the grandchildren, are always welcome visitors at Kensington.

Is there car parking space for visitors?

A limited amount of car parking space has been allocated for visiting friends, family and relatives. Your guests however, are also welcome to park in your personal driveway for the time they are visiting.

Are there double storey homes available?

No, all of our units are purposefully single storey to allow for easy access for all our residents.

What do my service fees cover?

Your service fee covers many costs amongst which, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning of communal areas
  • Operating costs of Club House (gas, electricity etc.)
  • Operating costs of courtesy bus
  • Emergency call system
  • Comprehensive insurance policies (excluding personal contents insurance)
  • Maintenance of the common garden areas
  • Administration and staff costs.

How much do the units cost?

The units vary in cost depending on the size and design elements of the unit. Contact Us for more information.

What role does the manager play?

The manager is available as a contact point for residents and visitors and to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the grounds and property.

The manager is responsible for the daily running of the Village and general administration.

The manager, along with sales staff, will conduct tours for prospective purchasers and assist new residents in their efforts to make an easy transition into the way of life at Kensington.

Will I own the unit?

Residents will enter into what is commonly known as a lifetime lease arrangement. This arrangement is very common in retirement living.

Is there any on-site care?

There is no formal system of care in place at Kensington. The facilities within the Club House however, allow for you to use the consulting room to make an appointment with external consultants of your choice. Residents are also welcome to organise in-home consultations.

Who pays the rates?

The Resident will be responsible for City of Greater Geelong and Barwon Water rates and general service charges. These rates will be separately assessed for each Unit and residents will be responsible for their payment. In this way, you will be able to directly take advantage of any pensioner rebates which may apply.

Who pays for water and electricity?

Each unit is separately metered for electricity and water. The cost of public lighting, power to the Club House and the common streets and pathways in Kensington Retirement Village are all covered under Service Fees.

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